About Oper

We all know the general trends of digitisation, business going online and mobile. The industry of mortgages is no different.

With the rise of online lenders and FinTechs in the industry, the traditional players are put under pressure to keep up. Unfortunately, a lot of lenders do not have the resources to open up their old legacy software and to enter the digital space.

With Oper we are tackling this issue. We are providing lenders a technology solution consisting of multiple building blocks covering the mortgage process from ‘contact-to-contract’. Oper offers modules with functionalities ranging from Know-Your-Customer (KYC), product advisory, document management, document verification and more.

The building blocks are fully modular and accessible through 1 single API and a fully responsive user interface. This means that lenders can simply configure their own processes and can start selling. Oper takes care of all the heavy lifting.

We currently have offices in Zürich and Antwerp (Belgium). We are taking Europe by a storm.

What will your role be?

We are looking for a software engineer to join our team and to make Oper the partner for credit providers to go digital.

You will join our team in building a set of modules covering the entire credit life cycle from the ground up. This means:

– You will design a scalable, performant & secure application architecture.

– You will iteratively build a large scale multi-cloud web application leveraging the latest technologies.

– You will develop and integrate a wide range of functionalities (Open Banking, Digital Signatures, OCR, predictive analytics,…)

What do we expect from you?

We are looking for a software engineer that wants to change the credit industry as we know it today.


– You have excellent oral and written communication skills

– You have 4+ years web development experience in a modern object oriented language (Python, .NET, C++, Go,…)

– You have experience with DevOps and hosting related tools such as GitLab, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure,…

– You have experience designing and maintaining large SQL and NoSQL data stores (PSQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc…)


– You have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer or Electrical Engineering, Mathematics or other relevant fields

– You have experience with Infrastructure-as-code (Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation) and configuration management

– You have experience in cybersecurity projects

– You have experience in financial services

What do we have to offer?

We are a young organization, with a strong ambition to change things around.

Therefore, we offer an environment where you will be challenged tremendously and where you will work with a high-level autonomy. This, because then you will be able to grow, which means our company as able to grow as well.

We are a European company with a presence in Antwerp, London and Zurich and a distributed remote product team within the time zones of UTC-1 and UTC+3.

To get the best talent to join are team, we are fully aware that we need to offer the best working conditions. Hence our offer, both financially and personally, will match those of our targeted peers.