Digital Mortgages, Tailored to Your Business.

Our fully customizable, white-labelled software streamlines your mortgage processes so you can focus on what really matters—building customer relationships.

Digital Mortgages, Tailored to Your Business.

How it Works

Enrich Leads
Engage with Leads
Reach new customers early-on in their journey and capture more leads by integrating into the home buying process

Open API Architecture
Connect the Oper API to forms in websites, chatbots, real estate portals, etc. to create integrated experiences where potential customers are already interacting

Borrower Profiles
Applicants complete profiles and request loans through the client portal, providing you with more qualified leads
Get a Decision
Process Client Data
Oper applies mortgage and lending context to application information

Automatic Product Recommendations
Oper combines application, scoring engine, and contextual data to product product recommendations

Fully Configurable Underwriting
We offer a configurable risk model, with a variety of scoring variables such as max LTV, max DTI, min loan amount
Gather Proof
Data Collection
Oper gathers data from the source, including Open Banking, real estate valuation, and credit scoring data

Document Upload
Clients can easily upload proof documents directly through the client portal

Proof Verification
Oper automatically flags any outliers, while loan officers verify or reject proof documents through the agent portal
Close Mortgages
Progress Tracking
Keep applicants engaged and improve transparency with status tracking and to-do lists

Digitally Close the Mortgage
Once the application is finalized and approved, clients can sign and close their mortgage digitally through the client portal

Sales Analytics
Identify opportunities for improvement and growth with customizable analytics reporting


Oper offers bank-grade data security through a private, secured cloud environment. Our security systems are routinely tested by a 3rd party security firm to ensure all customer data is handled safely and in compliance with GDPR.

For the majority of countries we are active in Oper sources the different pricing tables through integrations with lenders. This pricing data, combined with the loan application information is used to provide the broker with tailored product recommendations for each client.

Our open API architecture also makes it easy to integrate into your existing systems and that of your partners (e.g. lenders). Oper also offers a variety of standard integrations including Office 365, Twilio,, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Metabase.

We currently have clients across Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK but are continuing to onboard new brokers throughout Europe. Language options on Oper’s broker and customer portals are also fully configurable to assist clients across Europe.

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